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Micheal Cardozo, Regd. Pharmacist - (HPOS)-Head of Pharmaceutical Operations & Strategy, LacerdaCare Pvt Ltd.

Product reviewed: Clinical Spirit

Iso-propyl Alcohol - - - - --70%v/v Purified Water - - - - - - - - q.s.

What is it?

Clinical spirit is prepared by adding 700ml of 99% pure iso- propyl alcohol to 300ml of purified water to make 1 litre of 70% iso-propyl alcohol.[1] It is the most commonly used disinfectant in various medical setting like hospitals, dental clinics, pharmaceuticals laboratories etc. It is also an effective antiseptic mainly used to clean skin surface and can be used for dressing of wounds. It is an industry standard in pharmaceuticals where it is used in cleaning of equipments, surfaces and to quickly sanitize hands.

How does it work?
It acts by dissolving the cell membrane of micro-organisms. For

Gram-negative bacteria, their cell wall contains a thin layer of peptidoglycan which is easily destroyed by the clinical spirit. The purified water present in the solution denatures the functional proteins present in the micro-organisms, thereby increasing the efficiency of the preparation [2]

What is it used for?

It can be used for the following:-

  • Disinfecting various surfaces like counter-tops, work benches, dental chairs, tables, door-handles etc.

  • Pre-disinfecting instruments and their storage materials before autoclaving.

  • Cleaning the outer skin surface before a procedure.

  • Can be used as a sanitizer for hands in a pinch.

  • Advantages over other products

    • Clinical spirit is totally safe to use.

    • Unlike other disinfectants it is not harsh on the skin.

    • It is economical and an efficacious when it comes to disinfecting and as an antiseptic.

    • Can be used to disinfect various surfaces like metal, wood, ceramic, glass, plastic etc.


      1. Meant for external use only and should not be ingested.

      2. Should always be stored in an airtight container as it is volatile and can evaporate.

      3. Flammable liquid hence should be kept away from direct sunlight and near heat sources, should ideally be stored in a cool and dark place.

    • References:-

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