How Effective is DermaPen (Microneedling Pen) for Hair Loss?

How Effective is DermaPen (Microneedling Pen) for Hair Loss?

As much as microneedling is used as an anti-aging skin treatment, it’s also an excellent method for treating hair loss. The similar process of creating skin wounds is also thought to initiate the regeneration of healthy hair follicles. This can result in new hair growth and even thicken thinning hair.
Aside from stimulating collagen production and bringing blood flow and nutrients to the scalp, microneedling is also thought to help induce stem cells in the hair follicles, which leads to hair growth in the area being treated.
Dermapen has also been known to promote the absorption of skin products used in treating hair loss. These may include platelet-rich plasma and Rogaine.

How Many Sessions Are Required to See Results?

As with most treatments, the response to microneedling treatment often varies from one individual to the next. Therefore, the results may vary depending on your skin tissue, age, skin condition, the severity of the treatment, and whether the treatment is handled by a professional.
Some patients may need 4-6 sessions to start noticing their desired results. On the other hand, other patients may feel satisfied after undergoing one or two sessions. It’s also essential to have maintenance treatments to keep the treatment progress up and prevent any further damage.

What should you apply to Your Scalp to Enhance the Results after Your session?

Rogaine is one of the best hair growth serums that you can apply to your treated area. Rogaine’s hair growth serums contain 2% to 5% minoxidil and don’t have harmful chemicals that your skin may react to. After using DermaPen for hair loss, we advise that you wait at least 24 hours before you apply minoxidil. Give your skin more time to breathe and heal before you start applying Rogaine or other minoxidil products.

You can also apply castor oil on the treated area to help enhance the results after your microneedling session, it is known for its hair growth, thickening, and strengthening properties. Unlike minoxidil, castor oil can be applied immediately after microneedling.

DermaPen Aftercare Tips

Since microneedling creates tiny wounds in the treated sections, you should refrain from your regular hair care routines after treatment. Instead, we advise that you follow the post microneedling aftercare instructions mentioned below:
  • Avoid scrubbing the treated areas at least 4 hours after the treatment.
  • Avoid direct high heat, such as from the sun, blow dryer, very hot shower, or steam room after the treatment.
  •  Apply a topical antibiotic like Rogaine after treatment to maximize the results.
  • Don’t shave on the day of the treatment to avoid skin irritation.
  • Avoid blood-thinning products a week before the treatment.
  • Avoid activities that make you sweat.
  • Don’t take anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Drink plenty of water.

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