What are Medical Gowns?

During the pandemic, protective gear such as isolation gowns are in high-demand. But with the large volume of people requesting this equipment from various hospitals, it is inevitable to run out of supply. Because of the fear of the virus, manufacturing companies ordered to have a limited number of skeletal workers. Thus, the production of these garments is much slower than before. So LacerdaCare found the best way to alleviate the insufficient production of medical gowns for front liners. Here in Goa, India, we understand the noble sacrifice and dangerous battle of nurses and doctors every day. So we know that isolation gowns must be made with durable and reliable materials. Also, we make it comfortable to wear and heat-resistant without losing any protection for their entire body against COVID 19.

What are Medical Gowns? Most viruses are transmitted in droplet liquids via direct touching a specific surface, or sneezing and coughing through the air. These gowns are necessary protective equipment used by front-liners like nurses, doctors, including soldiers or embalmers to protect themselves from infectious diseases whenever they get in contact with sick or dead patients. With this gowns, they can farther help to prevent the spread of the disease to others, especially with the hospital environment.

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